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Maanaveeya Development & Finance Private Limited (Maanaveeya) is an Indian subsidiary of Oikocredit, a 40 year old Global Development Financing Institution that responds to the needs of businesses that create jobs and income for disadvantaged people.

Maanaveeya operates throughout India. Maanaveeya provides loans that stimulate sustainable development. The project should benefit the poor and disadvantaged people by creation of employment.

The international development cooperative Oikocredit has 40 years of experience in making credit accessible to the economically poor through investments of individuals, churches, and other institutions. 

Oikocredit’s mission is to empower disadvantaged people with credit. As a socially responsible investment opportunity Oikocredit promotes global justice by converting investments into credit. It aims for high social impact and sustainable development and offers financing to project partners in around 60 countries in the developing world. Loans have proven to be a powerful instrument to not only bring about economic self-reliance and thus structural improvements to the livelihood of economically poor people, but also lead to enhanced self-esteem of the borrower.

Oikocredit finances Fair Trade initiatives that create a decent market for Third World products across the globe. With investments in around 550 Microfinance Institutions worldwide, Oikocredit is the world’s largest provider of private funding for microcredit, according to the World’s Bank CGAP.

Oikocredit has local representation in over 30 countries worldwide, that source and monitor project partners in more than 30 focus countries and ensure a close relationship and tailor-made services to the project partners.

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