How Oikocredit is supporting smallholder farmers through the pandemic [video]

Oikocredit Unocace Solidarity fundOctober 14 | 2020 In this short video you will see how with the help of our partner (Unocace) the Oikocredit solidarity fund is supporting cocoa farmers thorough the pandemic, and our partners are showered with gratitude and blessings. full story

Oikocredit, Karongi and Muganza Kivu Tea Factories to produce two million high-quality tea seedlings in Rwanda

KARO-RW-45.jpgOctober 06 | 2020 Most of the funding for this project comes from investors from Oikocredit’s West German Support Association, showing yet again how close smallholder farmers are to Oikocredit investors’ hearts. full story

A stitch in time [video]

Screenshot 2020-09-24 142018.jpgSeptember 25 | 2020 Through partners like U&I Microfinance Bank, Oikocredit’s coronavirus solidarity fund is reaching those who most need it. Like Loice Nyambura, the owner of a small tailoring business in Nairobi, Kenya. full story

Behind the Impact Report 2020 [interview]

Kawien Ziedses des Plantes - for use with Impact Report 2020 interview (2).jpgSeptember 15 | 2020 We interviewed Kawien Ziedses des Plantes, Oikocredit’s Global Social Performance Specialist, to find out what’s behind the recently published Impact Report 2020. After 45 years, we still see Oikocredit’s sharp focus on end-clients and its determined drive for continuous improvement. full story

Oikocredit launches its Impact Report 2020

Oikocredit-Impact-Report-2020_EN-cover.jpgSeptember 08 | 2020 Oikocredit’s Impact Report is now live and ready for downloading. Our latest report showcases our social impact data from across all Oikocredit’s activities. full story

[BLOG] Covid-19: a driving force for digital financial inclusion

Vincent.jpgSeptember 04 | 2020 By Vincent van Dugteren, Global Financial Inclusion Sector Specialist full story

Group lending: Cristiane and Helena show how it works

August 27 | 2020 A woman finds herself in crisis and is supported by another making a success of her business. In this story of solidarity amongst women you can discover how group lending works, and through our Brazilian partner BPCS, how Oikocredit serves hard to reach people. full story

Q2 quarterly report: Responding with resilience

Untitled design (7).pngAugust 20 | 2020 Four times a year Oikocredit publishes key facts and figures on the previous quarter. Here we provide our investors and others with additional background context on developments during the second quarter of 2020. full story

How does Covid-19 affect our social performance and innovation work? [video]

Ging.pngAugust 14 | 2020 We interviewed Ging Ledesma, Oikocredit’s Director of Social Performance Innovation, to find out how the Covid-19 pandemic affects our social performance and innovation work. full story

SPTF and CERISE take over Smart Campaign implementation resources

a1Vug3Su.jpegAugust 05 | 2020 After a decade of successful work in advancing principles for client protection, the Center for Financial Inclusion (CFI) announced that the Smart Campaign would come to an end. The implementation... full story

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